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Filling and Shipping Orders Accurately & On Time

The core of VGM Fulfillment’s business is working with businesses that sell CPAP equipment to patients. With our program, you can rest easy knowing your patients will receive the correct CPAP supplies on time.

Benefits of Our CPAP Fulfillment Program

Through our program, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits that will save you money and allow you to serve your patients better:

  • Seamless integration with your software allows for streamlined workflow by automating the order entry process
  • Consignment Inventory so you control inventory costs
  • Quality rate of 99.97% ensures orders are shipped correctly
  • Orders are shipped within 1 business day from when order is received
  • Notification of each step of your order’s delivery
  • Cost savings on freight costs, wages, benefits, warehouse space, utilities, packaging and equipment maintenance
  • VGM Fulfillment Customer Service Team is ready to answer all your questions
  • Warehouse operations in Waterloo, IA - Nashville, TN - Phoenix, AZ

How to Place Your Order

When you place an order with VGM Fulfillment, all of the order information is exchanged electronically. We offer several methods to submit orders and reorders, including:

  • Integration: We work with your patient contact service, and orders are exchanged electronically.
  • Exported file: Using your billing system, you can export a daily file of your orders and save the file in a secure file transfer site, where VGM Fulfillment will retrieve it.
  • Online Portal: Use VGM Fulfillment’s secure Online Portal to place orders, retrieve shipping/tracking information and run custom reports for your account orders.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Our EDI process is a computer-to-computer exchange of structured order information.

Your Order Process

When you place an order with VGM Fulfillment, here is the process you can expect:

  • The order is submitted to VGM Fulfillment
  • VGM Fulfillment ships the order directly to the patient
  • You receive a nightly invoice from VGM Fulfillment with tracking information and a daily recap
  • Providers are billed their customary price by the vendor for products that are shipped
  • VGM Fulfillment provides summaries of monthly shipping and handling charges

Learn More About Our Program

Whether you’re a business owner of an HME store managing a few employees or a large equipment provider looking to save on operational costs, contact VGM Fulfillment to learn more about our CPAP Fulfillment program.

Serving our customers is a passion shared by each of our more than 100 employees.

Meet Our Team

  • Philips Respironics
  • ResMed
  • Sunset Healthcare Solutions
  • AG Industries
  • Airway Management
  • Circadiance
  • DeVilbiss Healthcare
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • RemZzzs
  • Romax
  • Roscoe Medical
  • Spirit Medical
  • 3B Medical Inc.
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